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Joyce Lignell - Healthcare Strategic Advisor
Marshall Votta - Senior Strategic Advisor
Andre Laurent - Senior Technology Advisor
Jim Bonnette, MD - Medical Advisor
Dick Escue - Strategic Advisor
Kai Tsai - Strategic Advisor
Robert Martin - Strategic Advisor
Scott J. Fries - Strategic Advisor
Tia Lignell - Healthcare Strategist
Yirsa Abreu - PA-C Medical Advisor
Miguel Esparza - Project Manager
Will Lowe - Managing Partner
Ramiro Pequeno - Managing Partner
Oscar Zarate - Jr. Business Development Director
Teo Tijerina - Director Business Development, Latin America
Hardik Patel - M.Eng. Software Engineer
Rushirajsinh Jadeja - M.Eng. Software Engineer
Balachandren Sutharshan - Software Engineer
Mukunthan Tharmakulasingam - Software Engineer
Jay Pandya - Software Engineer
Dmitry Nikitin - Software Engineer
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